What does the interest that training crouchs greatly have?

Thank invite, oneself also are done every day these days, who makes my leg too thick

Crouching greatly is now fashionable is good body building a kind of whole fitness group very, a lot of people trust " without crouch greatly, without become warped buttock " this word wants to have perfect buttock accordingly model, door of their greater part is to be no good those who check should do stay this one action greatly.

Crouch greatly to be modelled to hip not only having is good function, and crouch greatly to still have a lot of other interests.

1. day-to-day training crouchs greatly can improve the health in order to aid financially, and still can promote circulation of the blood inside body, the Peng Chai that olds and weak to wanting to defer, it is an exercise that does surely absolutely.

2. day-to-day training crouchs greatly can aid financially promote adipose combustion, and aid financially release the body hormonal, conduce to the sarcous inside stimulative body growing.

3. crouchs greatly to still can aid financially the hormone level inside balance put oneself in another's position, and can promote grow the testosterone of hormone and male is excreted. To male Peng Chai, crouch the glamour that can aid financially him promotion greatly without training.

Moreover, training crouchs greatly to still can aid financially stimulative human body to digest, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles, conduce to healthy of covering intestines and stomach.

Fellow to a few friend that have constipation and character, day-to-day training crouchs OK also and very good precaution constipation greatly, conduce to defecate.

4. admittedly, crouch greatly most the profit that showing is to be able to aid financially promotion hip, model perfect buttock model, the length of the leg rises on the vision, give legginess of National People's Congress illusion.

Attention: If making the time that stays greatly,act not measure, may injure the waist, and the knee that still can affect oneself.

1, make the time that stays a motion, if rate is too rapid, the frequency is too much, perhaps mix with fit force rebound strong, can hurt genu key position. Some people often crouch to be done together jointly with ran, injure knee so.

2, two legs curve next crouching, the eye looks at the ceiling all the time, this is to make sure you issue the trunk in staying course to maintain perpendicular drop-off from beginning to end, won't bow the mistake that sticks up the buttock acts since extensive.

Hope you notice the pose of the action in the time of training.

If you have differential view,announce please.

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