What did the man have idiosyncratic hind, produce strong appeal easily to the woman?

One does not smoke, do not drink, do not hit mahjong, do not gamble, can cook, can assiduous hardily, does the man of diligent of hands or feet gain feminine favour with respect to regular meeting? Not, contrary, the good man on traditional sense often is finite to feminine appeal, do not smoke, do not drink, do not hit it is not mahjong, important in first impression of the woman to do not gamble, of the appeal that can make feminine happening intense often is below these are idiosyncratic:

The first, have handsome appearance.

Doesn't the princely where in fairy tale story grow is high and steep handsomely? In teleplay male advocate which is not of the face that has a piece of 10 thousand people to confuse.

Spring of drama of common saying josh results from actual and prep above is actual, all gut decorations are to satisfy the to the man expectation in feminine heart nothing more than.

From biology evolution for angle, the man that feminine need has exceedingly good gene holds multiply haunt.

From promotion for career character angle, the woman needs a piece of face that looks at relaxed and happy to make him mood cheerful.

The 2nd, abundant economic capacity.

Why does the woman need a man? Compared with continuance life more important is the man can provide a firm place that make one's home for the woman. Even if a man does not have wonderful appearance, can be happy what become cause and solid financial resources can let a woman ignore a man is short board. You can say the woman loves fund, but the mankind is right of fortune looking forward to is the cent that does not have sexual distinction.

Reliance faces an economy requirement when a man special the time of good woman, also meet jolty, after all can little struggle a few years, it is even all one's life.

The 3rd, bearing is excellent.

The woman is right of a man browsing is only then literary talent of Yu Yan value, sink, devoted to of bearing, handsome appearance can interrogative temporarily, only exalted character literary talent lets a woman recall lifetime.

A man grows again handsomely, if evil doing is full of stains or spots, the woman also can lose interest to the man after the essence in acquaintance man.

The 4th, be goot at carefullying listen.

The man likes to reflect his erudite He Ruizhi at the moment in the woman, but in fact, feminine need man is not to esteem on older standard the other side, hope the man can carefully however the aspirations that listens to oneself, and can understand oneself.

In order to be, if a man can carefully patiently,listen to feminine aspirations, and to the woman how-to perhaps comfort, what win a woman very easily is fiducial.

Before every woman is encountering love, there is in the heart " Bai Ma is princely " picture. Want biff namely in, need acquaintance woman to like what kind of man, be attracted easily by what character place. Make multitask provide us to cannot have been changed, for example appearance, but we can learn from others's strong points to offset our weakness, let us lead to best oneself.

Before go enough and self-confidently to the woman when a man, reliant enough lets a woman move not to open his eyes.

"Talk about affection, say to love, hear those inmost words that you do not know " attention [sweet buddhist] dedicated solve at mood problem, if you have the word that wants to say, recieve leave a message seek advice.

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