Does the taxi have unripe long distant view additionally now?

The taxi it doesn't matter that I become aware lays long-term view.

Why so say, the trade that pursues now as a result of me is taxi industry, the metropolis that I am in now is a what case, the growth as the society demand, going out now is not onefold taxi all right this kind of vehicle, emerge in large numbers gave a lot of sharing vehicle.

1. shares a bicycle

2. shares electric car

3. shares a car

4. drop drop takes a taxi

Extensive removed so much vehicle, can be imagined to have how old effect to taxi industry.

The person that waits for a car in roadside now is little, the person that drop drop takes a taxi is much, a sheet falls before going out, wait to give the car when coming to having waitinging in doorway or roadside. Saying true word is very benefit quick. Someone can say, your taxi also can use a drop taxi software. Right it is to be able to be used, just every day accept the order the quantity is had pity on less. Why, a lot of how many person does not know or did not notice, when with drop drop taxi software makes a car, its first selection is express not be a taxi, if you are direct,next sheet make be less than a taxi.

Drop drop was grabbed very big one branch guest, have additionally share a car, this very old standard gives short distance visitor reaved. Plus the condition is better and better now, those who buy a car is much also loss one branch, the space is so large, so much person divides this cake now, still can divide to a few.

Previously a taxi we this can sell 5589, now 9559. Fall is Yunyun is big, the taxi still can have what to grow, additionally what distant view can talk.

Above is my place only the metropolis is true appearance of truth condition form, if have difference, possibly variance fastens circumstance difference, recieve discuss and communicate

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