"River child " why is this kind of biology met in the fokelore of consist in Japan, does other reg

Is unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease clever is what can river child eat swimmer splanchnic? China and Japan have this kind of an eccentric person

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2009, those who be located in by the side of Jia Lingjiang is wide installed city to give an oddity. Next letter of challenge a bit, group of policeman of fine hill river receives to go out alarm announcement: The citizen signs up for counter scale to discover a strange tool in Jia Lingjiang, a lot of villagers are being surrounded view, requirement policeman goes out immediately alarm deal with. Subsequently, the group of policeman of area public security that is on duty is received place alarm squadron long Liu is halcyon, lead the policeman such as Huang Bangbin to be driven toward the spot adroitly immediately. The spot had surrounded what one swarm heads is an old man, right now he still explains the thing of just now loudly in excited ground. The policeman shows police officer evidence, surname case of old man acquaintance to this week. But old man mood is overexcited, for a short while incoherent, the policeman heard a long time unidentified also essentials.

The masses in the center says: Just now of this old man says with us, he is by the side of Jia Lingjiang cultivate land, see Jiang Bian inadvertently inside canaliculus in have like doggish tool. Only the head mixes this dog cervical go up in surface, stopping for long to be not moved. Zhou Laohan feels interesting temporarily, run to the side of conduit, cried twice. This dog turns the head was staring at him to look a little while, but unaltered do not move. Zhou Laohan looks carefully, discover a dog very differential common.

His mouth is spinous it seems that, head of head unlike dog, resemble the head that is a monkey. Zhou Laohan is more curious, he runs to the side of conduit, took hoe to fiddle with whose person dog. Who knows, whose person dog gives out acerb ululation, next abrupt from water inside in over or across one cut. Zhou Laohan sees clearly, this foundation is not a dog, however an an eccentric person. He very resemble a child, but mouth is spinous, the head is round circle, systemic sticky is burnt, like frog. More those who let person be frighted is, the dog is having the arm like the monkey. He exerts oneself to do sth. , the hoe Zhou Laohan is destroyed, next fierce child plunge into water in, do not know whereaboutldirection. In the time that he turns over, zhou Laohan sees he has the case like a tortoise clearly, and his hand is not in that way hand points to the monkey, be similar to the web of frog however.

Under big Jing of week old man, one Jiao trip, in water of interfuse of within an inch of. Stand up, he breathes out greatly cry, said to see an eccentric person. A few passerby are surrounded come over, looked a little while, this an eccentric person has swum in Jia Lingjiang. They a few small my illicit home gesticulates to an eccentric person, whose person an eccentric person cried suddenly again, in plunging into water, also cannot see again!

The policeman listened to this form appearance, also answer a long time nothing more than the god comes. Squadron long Liu is halcyon ask: You were misreaded, be a dog. Who knows, a youth takes out his mobile phone, liu of the header in be being put is halcyon look. Video sees an obscure tool is in the river really, although can swim,resembling is monkey monkey, who has seen monkey You Jiang?

Local reporter knows this after the event, should come video of this mobile phone, give the zoologist of Sichuan. Zoologist saw a long time, behaving this clearly is not a monkey also not be a dog. Proper reporter's indescribable time, zoologist says suddenly: I look, this is a river child!

River child? What is river child?

Honest, every its Chinese should know what is river child.

Each one has listened " Xi Menbao " story. When Wei Wenhou, xi Menbao holds the post of Ye county to make. What he does away with is sacred, it is sacred giving so called river the look is river child.

The fokelore of river child has at least in China 3000 long, the earliest origin the upper reaches from Chinese the Huanghe valley!

In fokelore, river child is career is in water, half the biology of half evil. Credential ancient books " deep and remote bright collection " this kind of biology is called the record that board " water bug " , renown " bug child " or " water essence " . His appearance is exactly like naked child, 34 years old some resembling, some resembles 912 years old. He has ear of eye nose mouth, also have both hands and double leg.

Nothing more than, river child is not the mankind, his skin is wet, once break away from water skin sere, it can die. This is exactly like amphibian, breathe with the skin.

The characteristic with river the biggest child, have on the head namely cave, like the basin. Fokelore thinks: One is worn on river child head, get water 35 feet, be obliged Shui Yong is fierce, dehydrate a force that do not have brave.

River child sometimes evil, sometimes kind-hearted, but time of greater part door he is evil. At ordinary times river child is basic in water, depend on piscine shrimp to make a living, won't to disembark casually.

Once to disembark for long, river child skin is met dry, very easy and gone. Although have piscine shrimp more, but river child is not complete meat animal, they make much time also eat the vegetable of lotus lotus root, watermelon, melon and fruit such as the apple. What river child likes most is cucumber, see cucumber can forget everything, take a risk to pick even take. Today's Japanese, still bloat cucumber is called green river child!

River child has time evil, but courage is not great, a lot of time compare force timid and weak-willed, can dark play a dirty trick.

Nothing more than, once encounter the time with flush flood, river child people with respect to act out of normal behaviour, can many calamity person.

Above the story of the Xi Menbao of respecting, it is Ye city flood runs rampant, just can use living person for many times sacred river child. Fabulous river Tong Re is the flesh that had sacred work person, short-term inside won't stage an armed rebellion.

Fokelore of Chinese river child is the earliest be in the upper reaches in the Yellow River, faint hind also has discovery downstream in the Yangtse River in succession river child. Among them, the district in saving another name for Hubei province with having the Hubei that runs rampant 9 years 10 years especially is most.

Local thinks river child is wrong an eccentric person! At ordinary times their be in hiding is in Jiang He and pond, mankind of dark sneak attack and beast. River child is shorter than force, they dare not assault big beast, dare gallinaceous duck it is a sheep at most in pulling water, drown, what eat off them next is splanchnic. All rivers child it is awe-stricken ox very, because arrogant type of build or figure is gigantic, effort strong, river child people the adversary that is not him. Buffalo still can swim, once offend angry he, can pursue and attack river child in water.

Once river child discovers periphery has Niu Fanqi, can hide.

Most bloodcurdling is, they still can assault the mankind. Because not be the adversary of adult, river child assaults the children in water edge amuse oneself technically, pull them to drown into water, what eat off them next is splanchnic.

Have time, the adult that river Tong Ye can swim in the sneak attack in water. River child is met seize the foot of these people, let them cannot move about, be drowned by while still alive.

Above, be river child is same reflect usually.

Every time pluvial fit, river child becomes special and licentious.

In fokelore, when the cataclysm in another name for Hubei province, river child does not dispatch everywhere, pull the big beast such as oxen and hores-beeasts of burden to drown into water, dare to assault adult even.

Quiet day period, poplar surname countrywoman memory lets a person astonish. Meantime the dike in her family belongs breaks down suddenly collapse, river water rushs, the marital child him is all whirl, herself holds a big honor that establish ability in arms to survive. She stranded 1 day of 1 night on large tree, recumbent number was asleep under exhaustion. In Morpheus, countrywoman drives somebody to suddenly tug her foot. He opens an eye to look, jing gets all over the body to quiver. Those who drag her foot is an eccentric person like the child, sticky of all over the body is burnt, mouth is spinous, evil light is shown in the eye. Tug of an eccentric person pulls her, in wanting to pull her water it seems that. Countrywoman situation is urgent under, spent and main one foot will river child kicks water in, climb the high of large tree desperately subsequently. River child unwilling to give up, turned round large tree several circles, hold to with countrywoman. After a few minutes, river child dare be not mounted again, can submerge went.

In unified field onrush, also someone else eye sees river child chews the horse that is drowned greatly splanchnic, still have drowned person even.

Interesting is, the record of river child is not China to molopolize. Look

Our adjacent person Japan also has a lot of about the river child fabulous.

Fabulous river child live in Japanese each district in river plain or pond, the research data of man of simple of Ishikawa of credential folk-custom scholar, river Tong Chuan says free develop is extremely wide, include northeast place of Japan, mid place, close Ji place, shut the county of Ishikawa rich hill on the west, China place (Japanese place name) , the Zun He of island of place of Shikoku place, island of boreal a poetic name of China, a poetic name of China Gong Qi county and cover beauty all. Nearly should have the place of Japanese only, have the fokelore of river child.

Tian Guonan of willow of Japanese folklore home is in " hill is insular Tan Ji " in also had written " river Tong Ju is brought " (river child enters Ma La the fokelore in the river) research, the body that says it resembles Qing Xuan's lubricious monkey, hands or feet is like duck palm, the top of head caves place resembling is carrying a small dish on the head, no matter be water medium or it is terrestrial go up, as long as the in water inside small dish is not sere, criterion muscularity is infinite can with person or equestrian wrestle, say in order to be to there is a common saying to describe extremely big disaster in Japan, be called " river child be addicted to is dead " . Although each district of Japanese the world has the rumor that river child appears and disappear, reach a source with the river Tong Chuandi of lute lake however among them nothing more than most the earliest, lineal also, its hide the mummy of river child even in the temple bringing land all around.

This is up to now about the river child the directest evidence!

The river that there are a variety of difference sorts in hearing of lute lake child, wh some of which " moral " poorer river child, kill a lot of innocent person be addicted to every year to kill. Nothing more than, these time of door of river child greater part is not to have a person, because joke,be merely.

River child is little rare of a flock of actions. Japanese thinks, a flock of rivers child collect is together, can have very great effort, meet the mankind that it is disaster.

Hear of the head that one is called 9000 lane, the place that leading river child gens to grind hot spring of plain cloud celestial being to be taken from Japanese mid flounder stayed to come down. He often is leading at hand it is since extensive by the side of countryside, licentious assault mankind and beast, because he has the strange power that can draw the horse river bank, in order to be the person of the village enemy nothing more than he. Know this matter very the bear of be furious this castellan adds cany Qing Dynasty, resolution is mixed river child decisive battle. The fierce that the Qing Dynasty that add a cane is times of Japanese An Tutao hill will, young when Ceng Zhui will carry along with Feng Chenxiu auspicious, what get the better of a life-and-death with Chaitian is war, show its brillant skill in wushu. Involving primary fight one battle go to somewhere for shelter Home De Chuan health, battle epigenesis is Xiong Bencheng's castellan, build with battle of bold and powerful be apt to and castle famous at the world.

The Qing Dynasty that add a cane to defeat river child gens, it is not only in river plain poison, still organize a large number of farmers burn very hot stone to go to lose in cistern, let river child people escape everywhere.

Finally, he uses many fruit, draw know clearly river child most nauseous hill is simian, to them group case attack. River child is most be afraid that hill is simian, because the action of river child is slower, hill is simian it is rapid very. River child and hill are simian often produce tussle, it is river child deficit every time. Final, river child cannot live here, in a dead Yushui, greater part door broke away from here.

Why does Tong Yunyun wear Japanese river renown? Unaltered depend on Japan, have quite river child mummy puts numerary in.

The famousest river Tong Mu is Yi, be in basically a poetic name of China. The person of fabulous whole Japan is more awe-stricken than force river child, river child dare be not atttacked usually like, but person of a poetic name of China is the most doughty, they often are mixed river child is right battle, killed many rivers child, obtained a few their remains.

Most famous river Tong Mu is Yi, the loose riverside wine that is Yi Moli of assist congratulate county builds a search to hide. This mummy high and steep is 0.5 meters without exception, appearance is the same as fokelore in very similar. Look over outside rise like apes and monkeys, the hollow that there is a small dish state on the top of head is in, the river like growing so that resemble an eccentric person child. Japanese zoologist ever thought this is the mummy of apes and monkeys, light of X of the by after faint is clairvoyant, the skeleton that discovers this mummy has very big distinction with apes and monkeys.

Japanese scholar is certain now this mummy is not apes and monkeys, also thinking is not what river child, and the likelihood is some kind of not famous primate.

Interesting is, the mummy of river child is in Japan not little really.

2004, county of Japanese palace Qi " house of inheritance of ferry of national capital island " revealed insular ferry to the people first familial from inheritance of river door times up to now " river child brothers " . Because objective has led to mummy, "River child brothers " true bogus makes nurse central point. It is true that inheritance house expression hopes everyone saw with one's own eyes will affirm.

The river of this barefaced mummification child brothers has two, grow 8 centimeters only, another grows 15 centimeters, inheritance house did not point out which are a hand only clearly, which are a foot only, the brothers web in fokelore also is done not have.

Occupy inheritance house to divulge, about is in 1818 - 1830 times, the cavalier with an island familial ferry is in present palace Qi county uses a knife by the side of the bank of three-ply Ding chop a river child dead. This cavalier is in meantime horse of river bank drink, a river child rushs suddenly from inside water, procrastinate drag horses to enter water. Under cavalier Jing anger, to the river with cavalier knife Tong Meng chops a few knives, the skill that behead issued him one sufficient. After river child suffers serious injury, plunge to run away in water. Fabulous river child blood is poisonous, cavalier by the river child blood splashs full whole body, go back to become seriously ill.

A friend prays artificially its recover to invite witch doctor designedly, this cavalier recovers stage by stage. As acknowledge ceremony, this friend was received " river child " brothers, gave it the insular ferry of national capital is familial Tai Fu.

2004, home of ferry of national capital island will river child brothers and 10 thousand paleography, handicraft donated capital city.

Besides these mummy, the famousest is the river child mummy inside Osaka cloister before. Nothing more than, because a large number of peoples look over to cloister, and do not go ceremony Buddha. Cloister is abbe locked up mummy, reject the outside to interview.

Japanese recent look sees the general affairs of river child is very few. Like be the same as China, japan is in industrialized while, river of greater part door is polluted badly, a lot of rivers are filled to bury, the existence of Tong Zhen of even if river, also lost the case of the life.

The eye sees river child recently, was 1991.

On June 30, 1991, palace Qi county produced river child eye to see work. That day, the pine that lives in palace Qi county this, try to win sb's favor the tool is returned in reaching the home. Just opened the door, he smelled suddenly a full-bodied cankered breath, extremely disgusting, extensive was returned to have a lot of curious track in the room. The pine inspects these curious track carefully originally, he discovers, these footmark length are controlled for 12 centimeters, step is 60 centimeters about, be no good think of those who discuss is, these footmark have 3 toe only, appear to have the tool like web additionally between toe.

This loose certain thinking is to have what animal irruptive in him home, then he was chased as footmark. Outside house, loose this if really saw the animal that produces damaged, its height is 1 meter about, resemble a dot it seems that, grow so that also resemble apes and monkeys like the person, there is web on hands or feet, carry the carapace like carrying curvature of the spinal column on the back on the back. The pine never has seen so rare animal originally, took out camera to take a picture at once then.

After the photograph announces, an eccentric person that a lot of people say the photograph is medium is the river in fokelore child, then, lifted the upsurge that searchs river child immediately in Japan. The far wild TV station of remote wild town bids even 10 million yen, pioneered the campaign that takes river child, regretful is, from beginning to end nobody can take this money, because this career also does not have extensive again,rise.

To the river child, there are 3 kinds of explanatory notes now.

The first, zoologist thinks, alleged river child the illusion that is a person more, they are basic the monkey that is kind of sort. Mix in the Yangtse River a lot of monkeys of Yellow River bank can swim, they are cultivated to search a fruit square, often can become Sunday run go from place to place. As a result of daytime mankind a lot of, monkey kind be afraid of be caught to kill by the mankind, swim in night more. The person sees the sign of the monkey of the move about in water in the evening, a lot of time think this is river child by accident.

The 2nd, zoologist thinks, alleged river child, probable it is a kind of primitive big lizard giant perhaps giant salamander. These two kinds of animals are amphibious, career of large at ordinary times section is in river bank and pond. These two kinds of animals are carnivorous, especially big lizard disposition is feral, what may assault gallinaceous duck and so on is rasorial. At ordinary times they lie more in water, only the head and humeral ministry show water, it is a river child it seems that it seems that.

The 3rd, river child is some kind of sealed biology. Sino-Japanese have a large number of about the river child memory, additionally even many mummy exist, normal for won't two countries person makes up this is planted in tandem story. Home of a few paleontology thinks, river child may be the sealed biology that a kind of ancient period exists, the likelihood is simian kind a kind of branch. The scientist thinks, this kind of biology may have a few presence additionally before hundreds of years, but latter-day should eradicate already.

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