Why is Einstein listed " 6-3=6 " Where is such formula?

What to because Einstein has certainly on reliant the world,know to call the person of PS.

This word opens dense laugh above. So called Einstein writes down the formula of 6-3=6, it is to come from completely at below this Zhang Tu. The Einstein in the graph wrote down 6-3=6 at the same time, developing camera lens to say a tongue at the same time.

Everybody knows, einstein is the big scientist with famous all over the world, be not problem of elementary school maths to return meeting miscalculate? Then somebody gave out a variety of all kinds of explanation, be just like say, einstein is wrong 9 write into 6. Even inside this answer to a riddle in have additionally other answer advocate prate what " the lopsided sex that Einstein is saying the world " , " Einstein explain everybody putting in order does not trust maths casually " -- the big check that is slippery the world simply.

Very regretful, this piece of photograph is dye-in-the-wood " counterfeit " , completely PS comes out.

This piece of photograph is shirt-sleeve the classical photograph of two pieces of Einstein, one piece is the photograph that Einstein says a tongue. This piece of photograph films 1951 Einstein of 72 years old of old age that day, einstein showed up the car takes after be royal birthday party that day, but got on a car till him later, the reporter still takes a picture pat all the time, let Einstein even " laugh at " .

Effect Einstein can'ts bear heavy burden, laughed not to come out, can be for not disappoint the enthusiasm of this reporter, may just as ell said a tongue to him directly, had next plans next this piece of classical photograph. And that piece " 6-3=6 " in the photograph, the face of Einstein is this piece of photograph of transplanting.

And although the 2nd piece of photograph spits the photograph do that of the tongue without Einstein renown, but also be people place hep, that is the picture that writing on blackboard keeps before Einstein stands in blackboard. Below the half range photograph of right of this piece of drawing, it is this piece is forged " 6-3=3 " in the photograph, the branch of Einstein body, the pleat that connects the dress is same. In blackboard punch-drunk " R " and " O " in still staying in the photograph that make a holiday, because retroflexioned,can be, in order to be conversely.

In order to be the photograph that Einstein had not written down what 6-3=3. The person that those draw a forced analogy say what to Einstein is emphasizing the world balancing rests rest.

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