It is true that what prophecy Hocking has?

Hocking dies to already had more than one year, boardcast sowing is the widest is his a few big prophecy: It is artificial intelligence will replace the mankind to become new earthly overlord; 2 was 1000 outback ball will produce biology the 6th times to eradicate; greatly 3 it is human cerebra can duplicate, 4 it is the extraterrestrial is all round us...

This a few big prophecy matter to human future directly, he also by each big media is called most the prophet of common of Jing world be astonished. So do these fatidical authenticity have many tall?
    Artificial intelligence replaces the mankind. Present artificial intelligence is omnipotent already, was short of a the most important consciousness only. Because Hocking is break down scientist, all the year round communicates with the person on the wheelchair of the artificial intelligence with good equipment, to artificial intelligence advanced with high-energy have experience greatly, what produced pair of future artificial intelligence from this is anxious. Honest a lot of scientists ever had had such is anxious, present mankind cannot catch up with artificial intelligence already plan ability, if these steely life grow " self-awareness " , so the position of human earth overlord can be browbeaten. True degree for 70%;1000 the mankind inside year will is faced with eradicate. Hocking has said, the serious pollution of because the mankind is right natural condition and the absoluteness plunder to resource, the green hill green water previously also led to bald hill black water, greenhouse effect is added increasingly drama, if the mankind does not emigrate to go up to moon or spark, the meeting is slow on the earth with harsh weather eradicate. Having nuclear war additionally additionally also is a hour of the bomb when adventitious is minatory mankind life. True spend 75%; mankind cerebra to be able to duplicate. Clone method each one is not not close, want a cell only can clone gives identical animal to come. Hocking predicts human cerebra can duplicate in before long prospective reliance also can come true, head of the person when interpose can break away from a body to duplicate indefinitely, be able to " eternal life " . True spend 85%; extraterrestrial to be all the time all round us. Hocking said 2015 " in the universe in boundless, the life that has other form certainly " , "Probably they are staring at us " . He still is in with the Russian Milner was started 2016 " the breakthrough photographs a star to attempt " , aim more thorough radio wave and signal are taken in the universe. True degree 90%
In addition suddenly gold still predicted: The earth entered glacial times;2060 2032 year the mankind breaks away from the earth, ;2100 of emigrant other heavenly body year the mankind arrived outside aerospace, evolution gives new mankind;2215 year earthly live thing is faced with eradicate;2600 greatly year the earth leads to conflagration ball...

Hocking is the physicist with famous England and scientist, what he predicts by is analysed objectively and ponder, in us accordingly these common people look have certain authority. So believe or do not believe see you.

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